Upper Hurstville | UH Camera Rebate
Security District Board of Commissioners and Residents Association which work to maintain security and quality of life on the squares bounded by Magazine St., Exposition Blvd., Prytania St. & Nashville Ave. The Security district budget is funded by parcel fees on non exempt parcels, and the Resident's Association is funded by membership dues. Both boards are made up of property owners in the district who volunteer to serve.
Upper Hurstville Security District and Residents Association
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UHSD Security Camera Rebate

Effective September 1, 2019, for a limited time, UHSD is willing to reimburse eligible property owners 50% (up to $200) of the cost incurred for the purchase and installation of a Ring Doorbell Camera, or Camera w/Lights system, or other camera system comparable to Ring which allows the owner to forward clips of captured footage to a designated email address.  The owner’s property must be located within the boundaries of UHSD.  The camera must be installed in a position to capture a view of the public street or apron of a driveway, connected to a WIFI source provided by the homeowner, and incorporated into the UHSD Camera System.

As part of the UHSD Camera System, UHSD may ask the owner to research and provide footage in the event a crime is committed within the District.  Camera footage and supporting information may be supplied to interested parties inside and outside UHSD and to law enforcement personnel.   Stay tuned for details and email questions to info@upperhurstville.com.