Upper Hurstville | New Private Patrol service for UHSD
Security District Board of Commissioners and Residents Association which work to maintain security and quality of life on the squares bounded by Magazine St., Exposition Blvd., Prytania St. & Nashville Ave. The Security district budget is funded by parcel fees on non exempt parcels, and the Resident's Association is funded by membership dues. Both boards are made up of property owners in the district who volunteer to serve.
Upper Hurstville Security District and Residents Association
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New Private Patrol service for UHSD

As many of you know, we have experienced substantial problems with our current security patrol provider, Garda World. The UHSD board has determined that Garda World is no longer able to competently fulfill the duties required and meet the expectations that we have as a Security District.  Therefore, it was necessary that we terminate our contract with Garda World and contract with a new security patrol service.

For many months now we have been engaged in a rigorous interview process of other security patrol providers.  After conducting this due diligence, we have contracted with Security Engineers Incorporated (SEI) to be our new private patrol service provider effective June 1st. Our neighboring Audubon Area Security District, with whom we share patrols, has taken the same action and they will also be utilizing the services of SEI. 

We have undertaken substantial planning for this change and we expect the transition to be seamless.  The patrol phone number that you normally call (504-451-1614) will not change and hopefully you will not notice anything other than better service with our new private patrol company.  We will also continue to use NOPD patrols in addition to the private patrol on the weekend evenings as we are doing now.  

Please feel free to call SEI after June 1st and introduce yourselves.  Please utilize their escort services and, when you are away from home for an extended period of time, please use their out-of-town services.

We will also be holding our Annual Meeting soon and we will have representatives of SEI in attendance to respond to any questions that you might have.

Thank you for your cooperation with this transition of our patrol services and please feel free to contact me or any board members should you have any question or wish to discuss anything further.

Patrick A. Talley, Jr.
Upper Hurstville Security District

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