Upper Hurstville | New Patrol Service begins Wednesday, June 1
Security District Board of Commissioners and Residents Association which work to maintain security and quality of life on the squares bounded by Magazine St., Exposition Blvd., Prytania St. & Nashville Ave. The Security district budget is funded by parcel fees on non exempt parcels, and the Resident's Association is funded by membership dues. Both boards are made up of property owners in the district who volunteer to serve.
Upper Hurstville Security District and Residents Association
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New Patrol Service begins Wednesday, June 1

As announced earlier this month, a new security patrol company for the Upper Hurstville Security District will begin this week.

Security Engineers Incorporated (SEI) will begin service to our neighborhood at 7:00 am on Wednesday, June 1.  As before, the patrol will be shared with the Audubon Area Security District (AASD), on the other side of Prytania, and will patrol around the clock each day, 24/7.

The number to reach the UHSD patrol officers will stay the same, 504-451-1614. Please make sure you have this number in your phone for easy access.

We encourage you to use the patrol as necessary to ensure your safety and that of your family and guests.  While the NOPD is the primary law enforcement agency and must be called for serious crimes, the UHSD patrol can assist in most instances as a supplemental patrol.  Because the officers patrol only the UHSD and adjacent AASD areas, they can respond much more quickly that the NOPD.  Do not hesitate to call them for any reason.   And, of course, UHSD officers are always available to provide a safe escort when entering or leaving your home, to handle nuisance complaints, to check out a suspicious person or event, or to conduct property checks of your home while you are away.

We also have a new Out-of-Town Request Form which should be completed to receive the home check service.  Linked HERE.  The request form will be posted on our website and Patrol Officers will also have forms in their patrol vehicles.

SEI has promised that by the time they take over, all officers will have received proper training.  We ask for your assistance and patience as we work out any initial issues. Thus, your feedback, good or bad, on the new patrol can help us improve the service. If you have comments—concerning the patrol or anything else security district related—please send an email to info@upperhurstville.com or any Board member.

We appreciate your working with us for a safer neighborhood.

Your UHSD Board of Commissioners

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