Upper Hurstville | Block Captains
Security District Board of Commissioners and Residents Association which work to maintain security and quality of life on the squares bounded by Magazine St., Exposition Blvd., Prytania St. & Nashville Ave. The Security district budget is funded by parcel fees on non exempt parcels, and the Resident's Association is funded by membership dues. Both boards are made up of property owners in the district who volunteer to serve.
Upper Hurstville Security District and Residents Association
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UH Block Captains

Welcome to the Neighborhood! The UHRA has created the Block Captain system to help us stay connected. Each Block Captain is here to welcome new residents and keep current residents informed of news and events around the UH. Please do not hesitate to contact your Block Captain with any questions or concerns you may have regarding our neighborhood.

Bruce Worley
Block Captain Chairman


UHSD/RA Welcome Letter             UHSD/RA Resident Data Sheet

Calhoun Street

800 Block Open

1200 Block Donna Flower

Camp Street

5800 Block Jane Apffel

5900 Block Jane Apffel

6000 Block Rick & Marcia Koch

6100 Block Liz Curren

6200 Block Mike Fitzpatrick

6300 Block Mike Fitzpatrick

Chestnut Street

5800 Block Mary Looney

5900 Block Mary Looney

6000 Block Linda & Ben Guider

6100 Block Ginny Wirth

Coliseum Street

5800 Block OPEN

5900 Block Stephanie November

6000 Block Maureen Kelley

6100 Block Michelle Ondrusek

Eleonore Street

800 Block Bennett Davis

900 Block Eileen Brown

1000 Block Margie Scheuerman

1100 Block John & Laura Brooks

1200 Block Heidi Rowan

Expositions Boulevard

800 Block Mike Fitzpatrick

1200 Block Nancy Adams

Henry Clay

800 Condo OPEN

800 Block Liz Curren

900 Block Patty & Will Andrews

1000 Block Keith & Stephen Derbes

1100 Block Bruce Worley

1200 Block Sydney Lawder

Magazine Street

5800 Block Jane Apffel

5900 Block Jane Apffel

6000 Block Patty & Will Andrews

6100 Block Patty & Will Andrews

6200 Block George Fowler

6300 Block George Fowler

Nashville Avenue

800 Block  Betsey Miles

900 Block  Betsey Miles

1000 Block Betsey Miles

1100 Block Betsey Miles

1200 Block Betsey Miles

Perrier Street

5800 Block Heidi Rowan

5900 Block OPEN

6000 Block Rebecca Norwood

LaSalle Condo Hans Jonasssen

6100 Block Bruce Worley

6200 Block Bruce Worley

6300 Block Bruce Worley

Prytania Street

5800 Block Heidi Rowan

5900 Block Kathleen Waring

6000 Block Pat Talley

6100 Block Nancy Adams

6200 Block Nancy Adams

6300 Block Nancy Adams

State Street

800 Block Susan Couvillon

900 Block Anne Long

1000 Block Colleen Emory

1100 Block Kathleen Waring

1200 Block Kathleen Waring

Webster Street

800 Block OPEN

900 Block Toby Young

1000 Block Paulette Rivas

1100 Block Ashley Nelson

1200 Block OPEN