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Security District Board of Commissioners and Residents Association which work to maintain security and quality of life on the squares bounded by Magazine St., Exposition Blvd., Prytania St. & Nashville Ave. The Security district budget is funded by parcel fees on non exempt parcels, and the Resident's Association is funded by membership dues. Both boards are made up of property owners in the district who volunteer to serve.
Upper Hurstville Security District and Residents Association
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Residents Association Board






Patrick A. Talley, Jr.                  talleyp@phelps.com

Brooke Duncan, III                 brooke.duncan@arlaw.com

Douglas W. Finegan               doug@kl-cpa.com

Jay W. Seastrunk III                seastrunk@seastrunk.org

Matthew French                    matthewsfrench@gmail.com 

Ouida M. Laudumiey             ouidamartin@hotmail.com   

Rebecca W. Norwood             rwnorwood55@yahoo.com

Paulette Rivas                       privas62@gmail.com

Benjamin J. Waring               bwaring@ocsbbs.com

Security District Board






Patrick A. Talley, Jr. (2019)

Brooke Duncan, III (2022)

Douglas W. Finegan (2019)

Jay W. Seastrunk, III (2020)

Matthew French (2022)             Paulette Rivas (2022)

Ouida Laudumiey (2021)          Benjamin J. Waring (2021)

Rebecca W. Norwood (2020)

What are the UHRA & UHSD?

The relationship and distinctions between Upper Hurstville’s Residents Association and Security District

The Upper Hurstville Residents Association and Upper Hurstville Security District are managed by volunteers who reside or own property within the boundaries of Upper Hurstville.

The  respective governing boards are distinct bodies, but may share individual members and meet concurrently.  The Residents Association and Security District boundaries are the same: Prytania Street, Magazine Street, Exposition Boulevard (Audubon Park) and Nashville Avenue (see municipal address listing below). The two organizations share a website (www.upperhurstville.com) and periodically disseminate email notices to the residents, property owners and businesses of Upper Hurstville.  The mailing address of both is 5500 Prytania Street, #106, New Orleans, Louisiana  70115.  The on-duty patrol officer’s mobile number is (504) 451-1614.

The Upper Hurstville Resident’s Association is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, volunteer managed association organized to promote the neighborhood’s safe, quiet, family friendly ambiance, to facilitate good relations with commercial interests, to promote historic preservation and improve the esthetic maintenance of the neighborhood, to promote neighborliness and support civic activities, and be an instrument of political liaison, and to represent the views and interest of its members to elected officials, city services, police, media, commercial and business entities, and with other neighborhood associations and community organizations. It is funded by annual membership fees and donations. The Board is elected by the members who reside or own property within Upper Hurstville’s boundaries.

The Upper Hurstville Security District is authorized by La. R.S. 33:9091.6 for the purpose of promoting security and crime reduction. The Upper Hurstville Security District Board of Commissioners consists of four members appointed by the the Upper Hustville Resident’s Association Board, and the President of the Upper Hurstville Resident’s Association, and resident appointees of various city and state elected officials. Yearly, the Security District Board of Commissioners approves a budget and a fee to be imposed per parcel of land in the district. The budget and fee is then approved by the New Orleans City Council. This parcel fee is collected by the City Of New Orleans Board of Liquidation at the same time and in the same way as property taxes. The Security District uses the fee to pay and manage police or private security officers to proactively patrol and respond to calls for service by those within the boundaries of the district. The parcel fee may be renewed every eight years by a majority vote of the voters registered within the Upper Hurstville boundaries. The parcel fee funds may only be used for the purposes of the Security District as authorized by the enabling legislation.